I feel like im riding a roller coaster, my insides are all squishy in that awesomely pleasent feeling. I cant stop playing with the bracelet Russ gave to me. Tonight was the BEST night like ever! Me, Russ, Danny, Chris, Kat, and Caitlin (new girl that is soooo gonna date Kat!) went to the Sunrise Drive-Ins and saw 2 movies! Well, I ended up only seeing one… =D

For the first one (Cat in the Hat), Russ and I were cuddling in the back of Danny’s suburban talking with Kat. Then, we switched into the back of Chris’ small car and ooomg that was the best time i’ve ever had kissing/cuddling with someone! Russ is such a good kisser, omg, and hes the first person to ever suck on my earlobe, it sent shivers down my spine! Ya… Apaprently i do this thing with his lower lip when I like nibble on it just so, and he wants to learn how to do it. Yay! Im apparently a good kisser too!

Its gonna be like a week til I can see him again cuz of work… I might not even get to see hm this weekend! Makes me sad. *tear* Well, we’ll just have to make the next time we see each other count, then.

Sigh… Russel is miiiiiiiiine!

=D =D =D



November 29, 2003

Im haaaaaaappy!

I went out with Jana today to meet her boyfriend Reno, met Danny, Chris, *Russel*, and 2 of Chris’ friends at the theatre. Jana, Reno, Russ and I saw Timeline (it was ok). Well afterward Danny Russ and I went down to the downtown plaza to see some tree-lighting thing which didnt happen and was a letdown cuz we didnt get to pick up Kat and i really wanted to see her. I got my mom her b-day present tho. Well in hte car, Russ and I kissed! =D Well then we went to Lambda, open mic night, Madeline is AWESOME! Danny hit me and Russ turned around and was like “Hey, dont hit my boif…” and he got all embarassed (how cute!). Well when i got home i asked Russ if he wanted to finish the word (I kept calling him my boif all night) and he said ya so im sooooo not single anymore! I really like him a lot, hes such an awesome guy. He’s cute, funny, did i mention cute? =D so ya. Hes mine boys, back off! lol


Happy Turkey Day!

November 27, 2003

I… am… so… stuffed…

I had 2 big plates of thanksgiving dinner and a big slice of (mmmmmm) cherry pie… I feel kinda like an overinflated beachball… if they had any sensory organs like nerves whatsoever…

Anyway, ya! I went to Denny’s last night and got to see Russ! He gave me the cutest bracelet that he made for me at Lambda, I havent taken it off since he gave it to me. We might be meeting up at the movies tomorrow if my mom (grr) will let me go. She got a hint that I might be meeting a boy there and shes all like “We need to talk” UGH why cant she jsut get over it?

Blah. Well, im tired and I need to sleep to digest.

Wow! I ended up having a pretty fun night after all! I got to talk to Rusty the Monkey Boy (muahahaha! yes, I’m still gonna call u that!) for a while, which always means fun. Jana got workin on our spanish video, and my star performance will earn me an Oscar. Ill invite you all to the awards. (“Mis aretes! Se van!” *feint*)

Ive also discovered that I think im finally over Wayne! Its kinda an odd feeling, considering i had kinda been obsessing over the whole thing for a while. But its nice to finally have some peace. I think what people have been saying (and even him once) about him being an ass to me has finally sunk in. Because i still liked him, either i didnt see it, or didnt want to see it. But now i can finally stand back and see it from an objective point of view, and see that in some aspects it was true. I mean, he did kinda use me as an emotional support during his time of troubles back in summer and then totally drop me when school started. But he did try to be somewhat kind about it too, i guess. Maybe. Possibly.

Aaaaaanyway, today should be odd. Yard work then real work. Poop.


November 25, 2003

Hey! This is my first journal entry!

Yup, I was gonna go out tonight, being that it IS the first night of Thanksgiving vacation, but all plans that I make end up falling through. Poop. I look really good, too! lol. School, boring as usual. Im sad that I dont get to hang out with Russ tonight. One word: GAH!

I “get” to do yard work preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow. 60 or so relatives cramming into our living room with mounds of turkey, gravy, stuffing (mmmmm), and all the fixin’s. Leave the food, the relatives can go =)

Well ya. I’m running out of things to write. Guess thats a good thing, since there’s no drama to report! Yay!