November 25, 2003

Hey! This is my first journal entry!

Yup, I was gonna go out tonight, being that it IS the first night of Thanksgiving vacation, but all plans that I make end up falling through. Poop. I look really good, too! lol. School, boring as usual. Im sad that I dont get to hang out with Russ tonight. One word: GAH!

I “get” to do yard work preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow. 60 or so relatives cramming into our living room with mounds of turkey, gravy, stuffing (mmmmm), and all the fixin’s. Leave the food, the relatives can go =)

Well ya. I’m running out of things to write. Guess thats a good thing, since there’s no drama to report! Yay!


One Response to “Whee!”

  1. rees_lil_pimpin said

    haha don’t worry bout it babe! You’ll go out some night! I cant wait till friday!! I’m hella excited, and I really hope you come cause I’ll be sad if you don’t *sigh* The video is comin along pretty well, I think we’ll do hella good! Alright well, don’t be mad Lukie!

    Love Jana

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