*~* You and I are a perfect Match! *~*

November 26, 2003

Wow! I ended up having a pretty fun night after all! I got to talk to Rusty the Monkey Boy (muahahaha! yes, I’m still gonna call u that!) for a while, which always means fun. Jana got workin on our spanish video, and my star performance will earn me an Oscar. Ill invite you all to the awards. (“Mis aretes! Se van!” *feint*)

Ive also discovered that I think im finally over Wayne! Its kinda an odd feeling, considering i had kinda been obsessing over the whole thing for a while. But its nice to finally have some peace. I think what people have been saying (and even him once) about him being an ass to me has finally sunk in. Because i still liked him, either i didnt see it, or didnt want to see it. But now i can finally stand back and see it from an objective point of view, and see that in some aspects it was true. I mean, he did kinda use me as an emotional support during his time of troubles back in summer and then totally drop me when school started. But he did try to be somewhat kind about it too, i guess. Maybe. Possibly.

Aaaaaanyway, today should be odd. Yard work then real work. Poop.


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