Happy Turkey Day!

November 27, 2003

I… am… so… stuffed…

I had 2 big plates of thanksgiving dinner and a big slice of (mmmmmm) cherry pie… I feel kinda like an overinflated beachball… if they had any sensory organs like nerves whatsoever…

Anyway, ya! I went to Denny’s last night and got to see Russ! He gave me the cutest bracelet that he made for me at Lambda, I havent taken it off since he gave it to me. We might be meeting up at the movies tomorrow if my mom (grr) will let me go. She got a hint that I might be meeting a boy there and shes all like “We need to talk” UGH why cant she jsut get over it?

Blah. Well, im tired and I need to sleep to digest.


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