November 29, 2003

Im haaaaaaappy!

I went out with Jana today to meet her boyfriend Reno, met Danny, Chris, *Russel*, and 2 of Chris’ friends at the theatre. Jana, Reno, Russ and I saw Timeline (it was ok). Well afterward Danny Russ and I went down to the downtown plaza to see some tree-lighting thing which didnt happen and was a letdown cuz we didnt get to pick up Kat and i really wanted to see her. I got my mom her b-day present tho. Well in hte car, Russ and I kissed! =D Well then we went to Lambda, open mic night, Madeline is AWESOME! Danny hit me and Russ turned around and was like “Hey, dont hit my boif…” and he got all embarassed (how cute!). Well when i got home i asked Russ if he wanted to finish the word (I kept calling him my boif all night) and he said ya so im sooooo not single anymore! I really like him a lot, hes such an awesome guy. He’s cute, funny, did i mention cute? =D so ya. Hes mine boys, back off! lol



4 Responses to “Yay!”

  1. sarahlynn009 said

    hey luke it’s sarah bowles….sorry i read your journal…i got it from a comment you posted in kelly’s journal..so yea.i just wanted to know, who is this russ you keep talkin about? it sounds like you guys really like each other. good for you! i’m glad at least somebody has someone they really like! Love, sarah

  2. stewie4687 said

    yea! you and russ kissed! im so happy for you! by the way this is erin and i im really happy that it finally happened

  3. nickle4urdreams said

    Hey Sarah!

    No prob, feel free to read my journal, thats kinda what its online for, i guess! Ya im really happy I have someone to like too! Its been like 11 months since I had someone to like (well, someone I liked that likes me back and isnt gonna shatter my heart on the floor and then melt the fragments to the floor so that theyre really ahrd to pick up and put back together, that is). Soo happy!!!!!!


  4. nickle4urdreams said

    Cha! YA we did! We hella made out tonigth tho so ya, kissing is old news! 😀

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