*~* And In this Moment, I Am Happy *~*

November 30, 2003

I feel like im riding a roller coaster, my insides are all squishy in that awesomely pleasent feeling. I cant stop playing with the bracelet Russ gave to me. Tonight was the BEST night like ever! Me, Russ, Danny, Chris, Kat, and Caitlin (new girl that is soooo gonna date Kat!) went to the Sunrise Drive-Ins and saw 2 movies! Well, I ended up only seeing one… =D

For the first one (Cat in the Hat), Russ and I were cuddling in the back of Danny’s suburban talking with Kat. Then, we switched into the back of Chris’ small car and ooomg that was the best time i’ve ever had kissing/cuddling with someone! Russ is such a good kisser, omg, and hes the first person to ever suck on my earlobe, it sent shivers down my spine! Ya… Apaprently i do this thing with his lower lip when I like nibble on it just so, and he wants to learn how to do it. Yay! Im apparently a good kisser too!

Its gonna be like a week til I can see him again cuz of work… I might not even get to see hm this weekend! Makes me sad. *tear* Well, we’ll just have to make the next time we see each other count, then.

Sigh… Russel is miiiiiiiiine!

=D =D =D


4 Responses to “*~* And In this Moment, I Am Happy *~*”

  1. anonymous said

    Heya Luke, it’s Russ! Even though Intolerable Cruelty seemed like a good movie, I had so much fun completely ignoring it with you. =P Whatever, I’m a novice kisser compared to you. This week will be torture not seeing you but I’ve heard there’s another week coming after it. Neat, huh? So…’til I can play with your ear again, I remain your ever-faithful monkey boy. 😉 Bye!

  2. rees_lil_pimpin said

    Lukie I’m sooo happy for you babe! I’m hella happy you got someone now! Doesn’t it feel AWESOME?! I’m really happy you came with me to see Ree, that means a lot, you’re such an awesome friend! Stay that way!!!

  3. nickle4urdreams said

    Lol whatever, babe! Ive only kissed one boy before you! Well… two, but that one i generally dont count. Thats hardly veteran. And yes, this week is already torture… But the pics u sent will help me thru! Im putting them on a binder for the world to see! YAY! Especially the intolerably cute PJ one! 😀

  4. xtherainfallsx said

    LUKE why didnt you tell me you had a Live Journal!?!?!? I got your username from Erin’s friendlist and I’m so excited!!! Wow It’s great that you’re happy cuz it makes ME happy wow happiness all around… well I’ll see you in math tomorrow!

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