Hi-ho! hi-ho! Im sick of work, lets go!

December 2, 2003

Blah. I just got home from work. We had a silly candlelight dinner thing and we were constantly going, cept for our nice like 20 minute break. Some ppl were playing with a wheelchair, lol it was funny. Yay! I also get to wear a red bow tie now! Lol as if Black werent bad enough! 😛

Yay for me! Russel sent me a couple pictures in my e-mail. He is oh so cute! I feel soooo lucky to have him. Now if only I could get time to see him more often! 😛 Hmm well ya. I bought my LiveJournal account today, so yup! So much is different! lol. I might make my own style, then embed it into a webpage. I dunno tho. We’ll see.

Anyway, this is all the time i have patience to keep away from my boy. 😛


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