Mis aretes se van! OhhHh!

December 4, 2003

Hehehe Today was fun! I got to brag about my monkey boy in Peer Counseling to everyone. Everyone was asking questions and such, it was super fun. Or as Nikki luvs to say, it was FAB! After school I went with Jana to finish up our spanish video, but Corryn (sorry hun I dunno hopw to spell ur name) told us to call her 2 hours later. Jana and I hung at my house for a bit, then ran to Longs to get some packing tape. I was smelling colognes and i put on “Really Ripped Abs” BOD Spray, its waaaaaaay strong but ok in small doses. I might get some, i dunno. Then we went to Safeway to get a cosmo mag (we want to decorate our notebook) and some yummy doughnuts. We say Lauren there, it was fun! Then we went and sat in the parking lot forever, called Corryn, she couldnt make it, called Kelly to fill in, and finished our hilarious video. It was an uber fun day. So ya! I think im done!


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