Oooo Cheeky Cheeky!

December 5, 2003

Tra la la! Jsut got in from work. It was fun, had a long convo about Queer Eye with some of the girls there. Sunno if anyone suspects yet. I would be suprised considering one of the girls and I were talking about perfumes and colognes. 😛

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I see Russ! Tomorrow! Its only 12 hours away! Jana is picking me up at like 10 am and we’re heading down to Arden Mall to get some Christmas shopping done. Chriss and *~* Russ *~* are meeting us there and we’re gonna hang out. Im excited, I get to see my boi tomorrow! I gotta look spiffy-tacular for him, I hope my jeans are clean…

Well, I have yet to see Pirates of the Carribbean so im gonna go view Orlando Bloom in all of his pirate makeup!


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