December 16, 2003

Poop. Russ’ concert for orchestra was tonight and I didn’t get to go. No one wanted to drive me (understandable, Cordova isnt close) plus I had uber studying to do for my english and chem finals tomorrow. Im just sad that I didnt get to see him play. Oh well, theres always Spring Concert!

Finals start tomorrow. *DRAMATIC FANFARE!* DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN! Meh English might be challenging but Chem should be a breeze for me. Im gonna be totally ready with my Inflatable Pen, gel pens (for notes afterward of course!), a pencil, and my CD player! Oh yea, gotta have teh tunes! I get to sleep in tomorrow for a little too since I dont Have to go to 1st period. Its niiiiice! I read all the SparkNotes on Huck Finn so Im prepped for English and I made my 3X5 card and read thru my notebook for chem. Woo hoo!

Meh. I miss my Russ! I wish we could see each other more, but its understandable considering he doesnt exactly live within walking distance. Luckily I go to take my test for my Drivers Licence on the 30th, provided my grades are good enough. *crosses fingers* Only thing standing in my way is my D in math, and it should totally be a C or a B after I do well on the math final *re-crosses fingers*. I go for my last hour of driving school tomorrow where they take you through the test course and basically do the test, grading and everything. Im kinda nervous, but It’d be nice if they let me drive my car, considering thats what im driving for the actual test. The car they use at my driving school is MEH, the acceleration is like you have to press the pedal halfway down to make it go anything resebling a decent speed, but anything past that its like VROOOOM!! Almost made me crash the first lesson. =/

Oh well, my hands feel like theyre gonna fall off! Tootles!


One Response to “Poop.”

  1. stewie4687 said

    Thank God for Sparknotes! All 42 chapters in one right. whew i tired. well cya in english good luck.

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