*~* Whee! *~*

December 22, 2003

Wow its been like a week since i last updated! Erin must be gettin pretty bored of that last post… 😛

Ya finals went ok. I really hope I did ok. I mean REALLY. Im nervous about it. But theres nothing I can do but enjoy my vacation and wait for my grades to come in. Blah. I got to hang with my boy twice in a row this weekend! Friday Russ, Danny, Chris, Leif, and I went to the Galleria to get all our christmas shopping done (i didnt, STILL gotta get my bro something!!) and ya it was ok. The next night I went to Danny’s house to hang with Chris and Russ and Danny, it was really fun. Russ and I had lotsa fun (wont go into detail! :-P). I just love spending time with him, not necessarily the “fun” *ahem* (tho thats greatness lol) but moreso just the cuddling time with him, getting to sit and chat and feel like im getting to know him better. I really feel like this relationship could last, and I want it to. He’s such a great guy. Yeah…

Aaaaaanyway I gotta get to bed. Nite!


One Response to “*~* Whee! *~*”

  1. stewie4687 said

    awwww….im happy for you

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