January 6, 2004

I dont really feel like writing in this right now but Im bored so I will. Not TOO much goin on. Well actually, I have liek a massive update to take care of considering my last post was before christmas. I wont go that far back in detail tho.

Umm well since then I got my driver’s licence!!! Woo I’m mobile again baby! School’s back and goin pretty good. Im keepin up with all my stuff pretty well so far, tho I lost my math book! =X Yes, Erin, I had it that one day lol But I cant find it now. Urg. So ya. But besides that I got all my homework done that was given to me today, even tho most of it wasnt due for a few days.

In other news, Russ and I are on a break. I suggested we move back to “just friends” before we move any farther as to get to know each otehr in a more casual setting rather than the intimate setting. We moved really quickly into the relationship, leading to trust issues. So now we can actually get to know each other and decide if we’re compatible enough for a relationship, or if we should just stay good friends.

Blah. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I cant think of anything else and Im tired so bye.


12 Responses to “Uff”

  1. palmtreenikki said

    It’s about time you updated…u never update anything in ur profile. I remember when teena and i would get so angry *angry asian*! Maybe u should update more often and lessen the hostility towards u and ur unupdated posts! 🙂

  2. nickle4urdreams said

    *makes a note to wait 1 1/2 months to update the next time* MUAHAHAHAHA

  3. palmtreenikki said


  4. nickle4urdreams said

    Lol you have NO idea. Well… actually ya do considering i share. lol

  5. palmtreenikki said

    Ya well don’t we all? hehe…and we are so done replying to the replies…we look like sad sorry losers…

  6. nickle4urdreams said

    lol well actually its making me look really loved! My journal tells me that a lot of ppl love me! (even tho it IS just u and me!)

  7. palmtreenikki said

    this is true.

  8. nickle4urdreams said

    lol I wonder how small the lil grey title box will get?

  9. palmtreenikki said

    Really small? REALLY really small? REALLY REALLY really small? we shall see…

  10. stewie4687 said

    dont worry i love you too!

  11. sarahlynn009 said

    i had to reply..
    i just want to see how little the box gets!
    and plus, i think your cool.

  12. rees_lil_pimpin said

    haha, I wonder how small it WILL get…hmmmm…

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