~ Blahhh! ~

January 17, 2004

Wow it really has been a while since I last updated this! I should prbly do it more often.

Well last night I worked. Yay for homophobes in the workplace!! lol Well afterward i got fed up with being grounded and went to Denny’s with a bunch of people. It was really fun, D, Serena, Russ, Chris, Danny, Kat, Kat’s (DUN DUN DUNNNNNN) BOYFRIEND, Kat’s friend, and the GAYEST STRAIGHT MAN IN NOR CAL!!!! lol This guy knows EVERYTHING about musical theatre that there is to know and has a flamier voice than Jack from Will and Grace! lol Such a userped queen.

Well when I laugh really hard, I rock back and forth. They made me laugh REALLY hard, and I rocked forward and slammed my face into my water glass. While everyone was giggling at that, I looked up and was like “IM THE DUMBEST PERSON I KNOW!!” and we all cracked up. I almsot literally fell outta my chair. A few things I did made us all laugh. Most fun Ive had in a while, some really good friends there. Made it nice to be able to be friendly and not have to worry about ppl being fake with me.

So ya. There are other things but theyre really depressing (like ppl hating me, cancer in my family, etc) but I dont wanna talk about them at the moment. So ciao!


One Response to “~ Blahhh! ~”

  1. stewie4687 said

    hahaha…dennys sounded fun! and do worry i dont hate you. I love you!!!!!!!! muah!

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