Work… Ehh

January 17, 2004

Work really wasnt too bad tonight. More stupidness from the resident Homophobes, but one of the waitresses made me feel really nice. We were setting a table and she was all “Are the other bussers giving you a hard time about gayness?” and I tried to play it off as nothing cuz i really dont wanna cause a conflict over it. Well she said “Well next time I hear them Ill slap em around for ya, k?” Shes so awesome. Old family friend too, shes really nice.

And I didnt have to touch much crab! I was picking up a plate and a pincer like brushed against my hand, I got all ewwy and shuddery. Meh.

And I ate chicken for dinner! Yum!

Im listening to “Graduation” by Vitamin C… all these memories of past years and friends that either dont talk to me nemore or I just havent seen in a long time are flashin thru my mind… Im actually crying because of it, and I hardly every cry. Ugh.


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