*~* I Feel I’m Runnin’ on Empty! *~*

January 20, 2004

Vocab project in English was a bad idea to do depressed lol… I kinda went off on a tirade about what kinds of things have been bothering me lately… What I’ve been feeling… etc etc etc… But at least it let me get it all out onto paper which helps me a lot.

I just realized how funny it is for me to be typing my life up onto the internet. I mean, anyone could come look at this. Sure, mostly only my friends will ever care, and even then not all of them. But I mena some freaky psycho stalker person could be reading this and being like “Heh heh heh!” lol I have no idea where I’m going with all this…

Peer counseling was odd… We were talking about weed and stuff and I’m like one of the few ppl that hasn’t tried it in my class, one of the very few who don’t especially have a desire to. So we were discussing, and everything I seemed to say came from the majorly minority point of view, which sucked. Felt isolated even more. Kinda sucked. Only a few ppl at school actually make me feel like I can drop my barriers again and let them in, and let myself out. Im so happy at those times. But because my self-confidence was shattered again… I dunno Its just like no one wants to see the real me… A feeling that I got sick and tired of over the summer and got rid of and was sooooooo happy… and now its back. And I cant make it go away. Ive tried. It just wont go away.

I want it to go away so bad…


2 Responses to “*~* I Feel I’m Runnin’ on Empty! *~*”

  1. onehit_wonder said

    everyone has their own winter

  2. nickle4urdreams said

    lol wow… that is seriously one of the coolest responses i’ve ever gotten!

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