January 22, 2004

YAY! I took the time to add 3 more icon pics today! Im so uber-awesome! One is the one I have set for this entry, but you’ll have to wait and see what the other 2 are! Muahahaha! (Hmm nm it wont let me put a new one up yet. But I will! Oh yes! MUAHAHAH!)

Today was fun, school was not too shabby. We got our song for English all ready, we don’t sound great but then again I doubt many other groups will be awesome. And we have the choir girls, so woop woop!

After school I went to Buckeye to see my kindegarten teacher. She didnt recognise me at ALL! We chatterd for like 30 mins, it was so fun and nostalgic. Then I went to see the librarian, shes as awesome as ever! She took a pic of me with my favorite book, and she’s gonna put it up on the wall 😛 She was so fun. Being in that library again was sooo cool, it still smells AWESOME! Then i went to go see my 4th and 5th grade teacher, and we chatted for a while. It was funnnnnn! I went to Camerado to go see Mrs. Eslinger, but shes sick, so I might check tomorrow. Its fun not having these ppl recognise me with how much I’ve grown.

So ya! We get to perform our song for our English class tomorrow… I should practice… Jason is coming with his guitar and playing the song (“Good Riddance” by Green Day) and we sing with our new lyrics to his playing. Dunno how well thats gonna work. lol

Aaaaaanyway, Im rambling, so I’m gonna go take me a showa!

Peace, Love, and Framed Tootsie Rolls!


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