January 24, 2004

Ugh! My dad finally tells me that I can go to Winter Ball. Im excited. Im happy. Im expecting to have a great time. Well, why would fate, karma, whatever the hell is fucking with my life, want me to have a good time or be happy? So it decides to make it so that I have to work that night. Theres some big event that I can’t get off. WTF??

Ill probably just ask if I can have an hour out around 8:30 – 9:30 so I can run in and get my picture taken with the Peer Counselors. Thats the main thing that I want, even though I’ve been DYING to go to a dance or just go dancing period since homecoming!

I might actually be able to go to Chris’ party tomorrow! That would be nice. I might drop by and hang out with Kody before he goes to work, if I can time it right. That would be nice, too. Darn you Anthony! Why did you have to have plans!? 😛 J/K, we can play DDR and listen to Britney Spears another day lol


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