January 26, 2004

Yes 3rd post. This is a poem. Emotionally draining, I feel better now.

I am a clipped labyrinth,
A deep, secluded hedge maze,
In the forest of my heart.
I can’t solve myself.
I walk,
I creep,
I crawl,
I flee in abject confusion.
My paths,
My passages,
I can’t remember where I am,
Who I am.
I know that if I can only get,
To the exit,
This will be ended.
But I move,
Spinning, spinning, spinning,
This phantasmagoria makes me sick.
I am dizzy.
I vomit my insides with hatred and loathing,
Of this maze.
My tears wash away the grime,
Yet replace it with emptiness.
My mournful scream rends the freezing air,
And my sight cannot see past the starless night.
Agonizingly numb, I resume my inner trudge,
My shield of my other self,
My twin real me,
Shielding my maze,
From eyes that wish to solve it.


One Response to “3rd”

  1. xtherainfallsx said

    2 thumbs up =)
    that’s really deep and I like it. I’m too afraid to post my poetry on here hehe so power to ya!!!
    XO Mallerie

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