*~* Love is Like a Cookie *~*

January 26, 2004

Wow, my new icons are fun! If not kinda depressing at times. Theyre just my old ones with text put on them. Ya, today was rather uneventful. There was a bad car crash near my school this morning that made a lot of ppl like 3 periods late, and a 6-month old child died… Its really scary to think that at any time out in that big world where everyones going 80 in the slow lane of life, you could be next… Something that all the pain and death at school these last 2 years has taught me… Ug…

I have a headache. And hte odd tasting dough from the shortbread cookies I attempted to make, the salty and icky taste of which inspired this quote when I was chattin with Anthony:

“love is like your first batch of cookies, the first bite always tastes sweet, but theres often an overdose of salt waiting for you at the end”

More depressingness. I was gonna put a happy icon with this one but I think Ill make it one of my more depressed ones. Well, thats about it. Aaron and Teena and I seem to be on much better terms now, It was really nice and relieving to be at least a little back from where we used to be, if not where we were.

Yup. Thats about it. I swear this time.

Actually, its not. Lol. I had a really odd dream last night about hunting killer mosquito eaters and hot bisexual car washers/American Idol finalists/TV Reporters. Ya, Its wierd. I think my mind is trying to tell me SOMETHING, Ive been really out of touch with my dreams lately, I think I’m gonna start my dream journal again so maybe I can catch some of what my mind has been telling me. Ive had the most vivid and remembered dreams these last few days. Like every night I have a dream that I remember. Like my mom saying that because i am gay AND fat and lazy, I needed to go move into the Lambda center which was apparently a church. Ya. I dunno either lol. Anyway, Im drained. This is ACTUALLY it.


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