January 27, 2004

Why are these Fun Size Snickers so yummy? Is it their fun size? I dont get that either, whats so fun about a candy bar thats so small? I think it would be more fun to have a really big candy bar, but that would be fattening.

Wow. Rambling major.

I really love the rain. I really do love the wind. But I didnt like how they mixed today. I was nice and warm in my Old Navy jacket, and then suddenly..


I am freezing and my neck is wet. Grr. Oh well, the day was pretty good otherwise. I kinda decided against getting fish, at least for the moment. A few reasons:

1. I dont have money for fish, the bowl, and all the supplies.
2. I dont have the space for the bowl.
3. I dont have time to clean them.
4. Theyre boring.

So ya. No fishies for me. Oh well, I will survive! School was ok, not too much to talk about, cept for ppl CONTINUOUSLY TAILGATING ME ON THE WAY HOME! Jana and hot men are the only people allowed to ride my ass. (hehe Jana, Teena, Christy, Hannah, u kno what Im talkin about! =P) They were neither. I was soooooooo pissed off, I flipped em off and they finally backed off. But ya. My day was borrrrrrrringgggggg.

Oooo! Almost forgot! My boss called me today and told me that since I requested the day off on Saturday so that I could attend my Winter Ball, I could go! YAY! Im excited! Now I just gotta check to see if Kat still wants to/can go and then what color shirt to wear. Woop woop!


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