February 1, 2004

Woo! I Had major fun! Friday I didnt do much, worked. I had the worst migrane EVER, but it went away after I got to work and was htere for liek an hour. Then yesterday was pretty much devoted to winter ball stuff. I woke up at like 7:15 to get ready for decorating and got to school about 8. I had to run home to get some posterboard to cut out for stars, but they didnt use them in the end. I also found out htat my Grandma had a stroke, but that she’s ok. Theyre trying to decide whether or not to give her a pacemaker. I vote not, shes been suffering for a year now, and she never does anything. Shes a concious and alert vegetable. Thats no way to live…

Well I went to Erins with all my clothes and stuff for the dance, then we headed on over to Mallarie’s. We were there til about like 4:30 or 5, then we decided to go ahead and go to Mel’s Diner for dinner. That was really fun (“IM SOOOOO FAT!! *eat eat eat*” lol) cept the waiter tried to hit on Erin and Mallarie but just came off as annoyed/pissed. We played with the jukebox a lot too! That was fun. Then we had like 2 hours til the dance even opened, so we went and hung out at Lauren’s house, watched VeggieTales and Lizzie McGuire hehe. The dance itself was a LOT of fun toward the last 2 hours. I danced with Corryn and Cherie a lot, Ari, Christene, made the straight guys jealous lol. Uber fun. Then I went to Denny’s with Danny and 2 of his friends, that was interesting to say the least. Some guy came in asking if we knew some guy and that the guy was planning on raping his little sister that night =/ Kinda scary. Neway, then I went home. Now im tired. And I slept funny last night so im sore.


One Response to “33”

  1. stewie4687 said

    I’m sooooooo fat!!!! That night was so much fun! I loved the jukebox!!!! Also rocking out in my car was awesome!

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