February 8, 2004

Just got home from Folsom, met up with Anthony. We met at It’s a Grind and I got a Mint Mocha thingy it wasnt very good. Proceeded to Jamba Juice hwere he got something, saw Alli! Shes so hapy and peppy, its great. Then we went to World Market, looked at funny foriegn candy and food and other stuff. Then to Borders, he got a CD, I looked at CD’s (Im poor so i didnt get anything), then we went to PetsMart and looked at the absence of pets to look at. All there were to see was fish. Woop Woop. Then we walked back to our cars, said goodbye, and went our separate ways. I had fun, dunno if he did or not, it was rather boring. But we got to meet and talk a little bit in person, actually see what we look like when we’re not on a computer screen. Definately wanna do somehting again, but hopefully we can plan ahead and do something more fun.


Oh, I have to go to work tonight but it should be reeeeeeally easy. Yay! And I get paid on Tuesday, this and my next paycheck should be really juicy!


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