Bored and sad…

February 15, 2004

Today was kinda crappy. Mel and I were gonna hang out, then go see a movie with Anthony, but he didnt wanna go so we tried to make other plans. When I was waiting for Mel to call me back, my grades came in the mail and my mom got mad (a 2.43 GPA which WILL come up). Well the conversation somehow flipped to my being gay and i ended up spilling all my feelings about their unacceptance and me sobbing on her shoulder. It was actually quite relieving, i havent actually cried like that for years.

Well I ended up not going out, since im re-grounded and all. We had steak and au gratin potatoes for dinenr and everythign was normal, if a lil more tense. We rented Legally Blonde 2 and my rents actually kinda laughed at the gay dog parts. I was suprised. Mebbe things are changing for the better…

Neway, valentines day sucks, just reminds those of us who are currently alone of that fact.


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