February 16, 2004

Sigh… I did it again. I fooled myself into thinking someone liked me. Im tired of this. I want someone to like ME and to tell me they like me. Not what I always do. I feel like a homeless kid, going door to door, getting it slammed in my face after i hold it open to be intrigued by the interior, want to go in and explore and sit in comfort and warmth… then it get slammed in my face and i walk balk into the frigid air… and when someone actually lets me in i get tired of it too fast for my own good and I leave, the person who let me have what I wanted being hurt in my wake. I do it to myself every single time.

I hate me sometimes…


One Response to “44”

  1. xdarksunshinex said

    Awww Luke! Hi. I’m bored so I’m commenting lots.

    If you ever came knocking at my door (if I lived in Nor Cal) I’d welcome you with open arms. *tear* I miss you. *muah*

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