February 18, 2004

Meh not much exciting. Still getting over the whole boy problem thing… Time heals all things.

I got off work like 2 hours early tonight so I decided to hang with Nikkay after grabbing some dinner at McD’s. She ate like half my fries… and eyed my sandwich until i gave her some lol.


“Huh? Oh…”


Omg too much funny, i can’t even remember some of it… now I know why ppl think im stoned all the time… lol Michael asked me if I was… Im just high on life baby!! =D

I Feel Day tomorrow… I can talk about the family crap and the boy stuff… hopefully it’ll help to get some more outside input. My self talk needs re-evaluating (All you peer counselors will know what I mean!).

Ok well im done.

Nikki u did get makeup on my shirt… My mom was asleep and my dad didnt comment… lol


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