Friday will never come!!

February 24, 2004

Meh not much. Goin to L.A. this weekend for a peer counsling coference adn a 12 hour visit to Disneyland! Friday is YEARS away. Cant Wait.

Not much else. My rents are telling me i have to see “The Passions of Christ.” Im sick of them forcing this on me. If they want me to do what they want, wouldnt it be wiser to not guilt trip me into things? Then I might not be so against them. WOW! WHAT A SUPRISE!


4 Responses to “Friday will never come!!”

  1. onehit_wonder said

    my parents are, too.


  2. dewdropshard said

    Howcome they’re forcing it on you? Remember you always have the power to say no… It amost seems like you have no support system.. I wish I could back you up somehow.

    You could always shoot them! =D [just kidding, I wouldn’t really recommend doing that…]


  3. allthatjazz9 said

    LUKE! It’s Greg!! OMG I love your LJ and I miss you guys so much. Me and Joelle almost cried. It was sad. But I have a letter for you, I e-mailed it to you. Keep in touch, promise? Luv ya lots.


  4. xdarksunshinex said

    hey stud. how are ya? sorry to confuse me, but this is my NEW livejournal. I am gonna get rid of the other one . I hope your flight home was okay. I miss you.

    Luv Always,
    BTW- Can you re-do my journal layout sometime? I like yours alot!!

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