March 4, 2004

Boringness. Today was fun, I was uber hyper in P.C. cuz I had a frappuchino b4 school and a Rockstar during the class. My “I Feel” was quite rapid lol.

Not too much else…

After school I just wanted to sit in a big green grassy field under a willow tree with the wind blowing… Dunno why exactly. Just seemed like it wouldve been an awesome thing to do.

So ya… Dunno nothing else I guess. I did all my homework. Just gotta do this more often.

Neway, Im done.


5 Responses to “Blah-di-da…”

  1. xdarksunshinex said

    Word up. You need to do WHAT more often? Update? Yeah. You do.

    Willow trees rock my socks. There’s one in a park down here by my house; I go there once a month and write poetry. It is fun times.

    Luke is hot. The End.

  2. xquietviolencex said

    hi, this is greg’s friend Ann….want to be friends?

  3. xdarksunshinex said

    Don’t mind her. ajoeifake J/K … or something. I thought you said you were ALWAYS on LJ ? Or was that another Luke? Heehee. xoxoxo

  4. nickle4urdreams said

    Sure! I’ll add u right now, hun!

    Muah! Welcome to the family!

  5. xquietviolencex said

    yay haha! im excited now 🙂

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