March 13, 2004

Its 1:27 in the morning. I really should be sleeping. But I’m not. Meh, I frankly dont care. Im talkin to Danny and Anthony and other ppl online. Thats better than sleep, right?? RIGHT??? ANSWER ME!!! Ok im good…

Today was kick ass Syd and Erin emo’d me up and apparently it looked good. Got to school late, so I have a detention (unless I can get it excused). I got pics! But mine aren’t very good, I’ll get the good one from Erin.

I got lost leaving Syd’s house htis afternoon. Turned the wrong way and kept going cuz i figured the road would go where i wanted it to. Nope. So i had to turn around and work my way back, finally got to the freeway lol. Barely made it to the gas station. I had 1 gallon left in my car, or less. Scaryness. Work was meh, Jesse gave me a $5 tip that he got from a member for workign hella hard tonight. I guess hes not so bad after all. As long as I work hard (at least when ppl are watching. heh. heh. heh.) I’ll get good pay, and ppl wont bother me. So ya.

Not too much else.



5 Responses to “Tired…”

  1. wh0adanny said

    im cool and i love talking to you this late at night 😉 ok, youre cool too 🙂

  2. sarahlynn009 said

    i’ve done the same thing driving from syd’s house too!
    and i must say, you did you look yesterday.

  3. xdarksunshinex said

    Static Lullaby!! aofieajlekj Erin, Syd, and I are slowly, but surely turning you emo. You just don’t know it, yet. LOL

    Oh, and yes, that IS better than sleep. Hahah.

  4. xdarksunshinex said

    I need to talk to you like now. PUH-LEASE call me when you get this. There’s just… yeah. Talk to you soon. Thanks!


  5. wh0adanny said

    dude, where have you been? i miss talking to you 😦

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