March 22, 2004

Minimum day today, school = boring, took Jef home after school and almost died on his road lol. Working on my book more, did an hour and a half of typing notes and editing them etc. I want to find a better way to draw maps, on the computer or something. Mine are ok but not all that i want them to be. Meh.

Major drama with Greg, I feel so bad for him but glad that he called and that I did what I could to help. Hopin it all get smoothed out…

5 days until Saaaaaaaturday! I gotta make sure that my story is all worked out and mention that someone “might be wanting people to hang out after the competition, but that I’m not sure yet.” Im hoping soooooo much that I can get them to let me go, I want to go on this date really bad. I seriously get butterflies thinking about it, so hopefulyl thats a sign of good things to come!

Muah! Muah!

Ciao all!


5 Responses to “Lalala!”

  1. xdarksunshinex said

    I love you. I’m soooo glad I have you in my life. You are a life saver, or more like a really HOT lifeguard. WAIT! Luke in a red speedo….Yummmmm. Hahahah. xoxo

  2. nickle4urdreams said

    Thats so gross. Me. In a speedo. Eew.

  3. wh0adanny said

    ok, how many days until Saturday??? I think 4 now! 🙂

  4. xdarksunshinex said

    Okay, well maybe just really tight boxer briefs/something like that. AND remember, you said this is the ONE issue I get to actually be right about!!! 🙂 Thanks, Luke!! LOL *muah*

  5. xdarksunshinex said

    hey my bizzle gizzle. i love you. the end. update your f’ing journal. k thanks.÷

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