Lots to update.

April 24, 2004

Well, not LOTS. Really only two things so far. 1st, I have a boyyyyyyfriend! Hes hot, and awesome, and I looove him! So much that I cant write here, Its indescribable. Ive liked him for soooooo long, and now hes mine! Or Im his. Whichever lol.

And second, I got in a massive car crash Thrusday night. I was driving down Highway 50 towards El Dorado Hills and was coming down the Bass Lake Downgrade when my car drifted to the right slightly and went onto the grooves on the roadside that make ur car hum and wake you up if you’re asleep. Those jerked my car to the right and I overcompensated to the left, my car beginning to slide toward a steep dropoff on the left side of the freeway. I spun my wheel back to the other way and my car spun, and flew into a 12-foot deep ditch trunk first. My car flipped end over end 5 times or so. It landed on its side, driver side down, pointing back up the hill. I had to climb out vertically through my passenger door. It was…. surreal. Im relatively uninjured. My seatbelt bruised my hips, hurt my shoulder, and my face slammed into my steering wheel a few times, but nothing serious. Someone FINALLY stopped and called 911 for me, since everything inside my car was strewn along the ditch i was in. My trunk had been smashed open and everything was everywhere. Well, today we went to the towing yard that they took it to and I got pictures.

[Lost the pictures]

So yeah… scary.

Danny, I loooove you!


7 Responses to “Lots to update.”

  1. stewie4687 said

    when you told me about it i just couldnt believe it but seeing those pictures kinda brought it all to reality. you are so lucky, someone must have been looking out for you. i love you so much and i so glad that you are ok. much love, xoxoxo erin

  2. xdarksunshinex said

    those pictures make me afraid for your life. i’m so lucky that you are okay. EVERYONE is “luky” that luke is okay. 🙂 weee.

  3. wh0adanny said

    omg that is so scary, im glad that youre alright though 🙂 that sucks majorly

  4. onehit_wonder said

    you are the luckiest person i know

    its almost enough to make me want to believe in god or something. but not quite


  5. __translucence said

    like, OW.

  6. nickle4urdreams said

    Thanks but no thanks, i dont appreciate advertisements on my Livejournal. e-mail me or MSG me if you want to invite me, dont clutter my livejournal. K? K.

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