In the mystical moist night air, and from time to time,
I look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.
Reaching this spot picked out
By your hands,
And covered by your blankets,
I recline with you.
Amid this perfectly clear night,
Devoid of clouds,
We lay together,
And talk of things inconsequential to all but us.
Your face, perfection.
Your lips, perfection.
Your voice, perfection.
Your body, perfection.
Every inch of you meant for me,
As I am for you.
And in this night we kiss,
Two becoming one
For a fleeting instant,
And we both learn,
How perfect a single kiss may be.

(I’ve never written a love poem before, I guess it turned out ok. Its one of those that i slip out of my own perspective and write like I’m someone else, so its not exactly about anyone specific. But i can think of someone who fits the “perfection” descriptions =D)


La la la

May 22, 2004

Hey. Crappy day really. Realizing how transparent and meaningless so many of your friendships are realy puts a damper on your day. Got my yearbook. But my day got better when my rents left and I was getting ready for work. My boss called and told me i didnt have to work, so I called Danny and he came and picked me up and we went to Lambda. After that we hung out with this AWESOME little girl named Leilie (i think thats spelled almost right) at the Open Book. Super fun. we made plans for the summer. Then Danny and I went to his house til like 12:00 and made out on his bed. Muy fun-o. So that made my day a LOT better.

Nothin else.



May 20, 2004

So nothing to update. Schools almost out, I get a yearbook tomorrow. I got new pants (SEXY!!!) and a really cool new shirt. Danny’s and my 1-month was monday, we didnt get to do anything, hopefully this weekend.

Thats about it. Im boring, huh?