June 18, 2004

Im nervous about tomorrow. I am gonna tell my parents about me and Danny, though they may already know. Hes turning 18 on monday, and Id rather tell them we’re dating before then so they’ll know. Im sure theyll be sensible in the end, but I’m still so nervous about talking to them about anything pertaining to me being gay and active in the gay community. Grawr. Maybe this will be the thing to show them that im serious about who i am and that they really cant change me. I love danny so much, ive never felt anyhting like this about anyone before. When we’re cuddling, its just like, how could something so right be considered wrong? It just… fits. Ugh. I need sleep if Im gonna do this.


Not much. Again.

June 15, 2004

Not much going on with me. Working a lot. Danny’s and my 2 months was yesterday, but we hung out for it on Sunday because i had to work last night. We still went to Dennys for a lil while, tho.

When he went to Disneyland he bought me this crystal block that has a picture of him laser engraved inside it and a caption that read “I Love Luke, Summer 2004” I love it, even tho I cant really put it on display in my room. My mom would be… suprised lol. My gift to him was dumb and i wish i had done more. I wrote a poem telling him why i love him (like 3 pages of me talking too much, dumbness) and made a mix cd of a lot of my favoite songs right now that I feel are special to me so I could share them with him. I think he liked it, but i dunno, it was hella dumb.

Not much else really. Tootles all.


June 10, 2004

Its been like forever since I updated this lil puppy!

Really not much going on in my life. Im still with Danny (Monday will be 2 months!) and I love him bunches. He always manages to make my day a lot better by just hugging me. Or biting me. Or savagely turning me on and then leaving like a lil bitch! Lol but I do it back so that makes it ok.

I got a new car too! I got a 1989 white BMW 525i. Its super sexy! I make people jealous. You know you are, so just admit it. I SAID ADMIT IT DAMMIT! *ahem* Anyhoo, its a good car, and my 6 months are up in 18 days, so Im excited about that. Then I can drive lots of people around and do more stuff! Exciting!

Works good, I worked my lil ass off last week so Im expecting my next paycheck to be bigger. I get payed tomorrow (well its 12:50, so today huh?) but its not gonna be all that much bigger i think. Im gonna use most (well all) of this paycheck to pay for a new car stereo, which I need SOOO badly.

Well, thats it I think. Greg, be happy and dont bug me about updating. I just did. lol


Added 1:00 AM:

Totally forgot, i was at the mall with Brianna and Logan (from Elk Grove) yesterday and we were in Coach House Gifts, and I pushed this windsock thing and my hand like hit a glass gazing ball really hard and it fell off the pedestal it was on and shattered all over the window display. They didn’t make me pay for it, but i felt sooo bad. Not to mention it scared the ever loving CRAP out of me.