June 10, 2004

Its been like forever since I updated this lil puppy!

Really not much going on in my life. Im still with Danny (Monday will be 2 months!) and I love him bunches. He always manages to make my day a lot better by just hugging me. Or biting me. Or savagely turning me on and then leaving like a lil bitch! Lol but I do it back so that makes it ok.

I got a new car too! I got a 1989 white BMW 525i. Its super sexy! I make people jealous. You know you are, so just admit it. I SAID ADMIT IT DAMMIT! *ahem* Anyhoo, its a good car, and my 6 months are up in 18 days, so Im excited about that. Then I can drive lots of people around and do more stuff! Exciting!

Works good, I worked my lil ass off last week so Im expecting my next paycheck to be bigger. I get payed tomorrow (well its 12:50, so today huh?) but its not gonna be all that much bigger i think. Im gonna use most (well all) of this paycheck to pay for a new car stereo, which I need SOOO badly.

Well, thats it I think. Greg, be happy and dont bug me about updating. I just did. lol


Added 1:00 AM:

Totally forgot, i was at the mall with Brianna and Logan (from Elk Grove) yesterday and we were in Coach House Gifts, and I pushed this windsock thing and my hand like hit a glass gazing ball really hard and it fell off the pedestal it was on and shattered all over the window display. They didn’t make me pay for it, but i felt sooo bad. Not to mention it scared the ever loving CRAP out of me.


One Response to “Dayum!”

  1. xdarksunshinex said

    i am happy!! ooooh and my best friend, ann, and i have been talking. and we are TOTALLY going up there this summer. like… it’s not a question. cuz we are DYING to see San Francisco and i guess we could stop by to see you… hahhah. i had a great birthday; no count chocula yet. where is it? LOL

    Much Love,


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