Not much. Again.

June 15, 2004

Not much going on with me. Working a lot. Danny’s and my 2 months was yesterday, but we hung out for it on Sunday because i had to work last night. We still went to Dennys for a lil while, tho.

When he went to Disneyland he bought me this crystal block that has a picture of him laser engraved inside it and a caption that read “I Love Luke, Summer 2004” I love it, even tho I cant really put it on display in my room. My mom would be… suprised lol. My gift to him was dumb and i wish i had done more. I wrote a poem telling him why i love him (like 3 pages of me talking too much, dumbness) and made a mix cd of a lot of my favoite songs right now that I feel are special to me so I could share them with him. I think he liked it, but i dunno, it was hella dumb.

Not much else really. Tootles all.


One Response to “Not much. Again.”

  1. sarahlynn009 said

    you guys are too much.

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