June 18, 2004

Im nervous about tomorrow. I am gonna tell my parents about me and Danny, though they may already know. Hes turning 18 on monday, and Id rather tell them we’re dating before then so they’ll know. Im sure theyll be sensible in the end, but I’m still so nervous about talking to them about anything pertaining to me being gay and active in the gay community. Grawr. Maybe this will be the thing to show them that im serious about who i am and that they really cant change me. I love danny so much, ive never felt anyhting like this about anyone before. When we’re cuddling, its just like, how could something so right be considered wrong? It just… fits. Ugh. I need sleep if Im gonna do this.


One Response to “Ughh”

  1. sarahlynn009 said

    you know they’ll love you know matter what.
    good luck.

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