I just got home from seeing a Cinderella Story with D. I want my prince charming to come back. Sigh.

Scanned a bunch of pics Katie gave me from TJ’s going away party, some hilarious ones, ill post em as soon as i get them uploaded.

Not much else.

Your arms are the morphine that kills the pain of reality…


Random photoshopness

July 23, 2004

I’ll put in an lj-cut when im not so lazy


July 22, 2004

I wanna get into photography. But I never take any good pictures. I need to go to a park with D and Kat and take pictures.

God. Emo is seeping out of everything i type lately. I miss TJ. Im gonna get the pics of he and I off of my camera sometime. I’ll put a few up here if I feel like it. I feel really crappy tonight. I worked. Afterward i called ever person on my cell phone address book and no one could go see “A Cinderella Story” with me. So i stayed home. I went to Hollywood Video and dropped off “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” and “Notorious C.H.O.” and hung out with Adam and Vicky in front of It’s a Grind for a while, bought water to change my fish’s water at safeway, came home, changed my fish’s water, and here i am now.

My life is boring. I kinda want school to start. Even the drama would be a nice refresher. Oh well.

I want TJ to be here. I want to be held again. No one holds me except him. I guess im not close enough to anyone else to feel comfterble cuddling. Except D. I can cuddle with her. Shes the only one that seems to want to cuddle.

Im tired.

Good night.

Missing him…

July 22, 2004

I miss him.

He needs to come back to me….

why hello darlings!! this is the famous, NOT infamous, GREG! you may have read about like once on Luke’s LJ because he never updates. (even though when i met him at the CAPPS conference, he said he’s an LJ whore…dirty liar that luke is) hahaha. well yeah. we both applied to the community __Glowing and so should you all! it’s fun. and i’m the mary and luke is the rhoda.

with that in mind, i leave you all with these following public service announcements:
+eat your greens and stay in school
+go and watch “Dress to Kill” by Eddie Izzard. funny man, that Eddie Izzard
+I am the BEST EVER. send me cash or gold. and have luke send me my letter and a box of COUNT CHOCULA!!

Love Always,
Everyone’s favorite Queen,



July 22, 2004

Im not even gonna bother writing all thats happened since i last updated this. Heres a summary:

I got a boyfriend, who moved to Oregon last week. Will be back either in September or January.
Oh yea by the way lol Danny dumped me a while back for reasons Id rather not type here, just too long to type. Ask me on the phone or in person if you wanna know.

Lol not much else. Pretty boring life i have at the moment. More will be happening when school starts.