Loving you is a blissful knife in my heart that I never want to remove…

July 22, 2004

God. Emo is seeping out of everything i type lately. I miss TJ. Im gonna get the pics of he and I off of my camera sometime. I’ll put a few up here if I feel like it. I feel really crappy tonight. I worked. Afterward i called ever person on my cell phone address book and no one could go see “A Cinderella Story” with me. So i stayed home. I went to Hollywood Video and dropped off “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” and “Notorious C.H.O.” and hung out with Adam and Vicky in front of It’s a Grind for a while, bought water to change my fish’s water at safeway, came home, changed my fish’s water, and here i am now.

My life is boring. I kinda want school to start. Even the drama would be a nice refresher. Oh well.

I want TJ to be here. I want to be held again. No one holds me except him. I guess im not close enough to anyone else to feel comfterble cuddling. Except D. I can cuddle with her. Shes the only one that seems to want to cuddle.

Im tired.

Good night.


3 Responses to “Loving you is a blissful knife in my heart that I never want to remove…”

  1. xtherainfallsx said

    I saw you in front of Hollywood video! And I screamed out your name! In case you were wondering who that was, yes, it was me. =)

  2. nickle4urdreams said

    lol i saw u and recognised you. i was hella excited! u were like the 5th person i saw that i knew that night. woot!

  3. xdarksunshinex said

    awwww i would so cuddle with you and hold you and say “luke you’re my friend. and everything will be okay.”

    i love you!

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