Random Writings

August 11, 2004

I got bored last night and wrote a random essay-ish thing. Thought I’d post it.

People talk about “the one” that is out there waiting for them. What do they mean by that? That there’s only one person in the world that compliments a person’s traits to the point of being a perfect match? But what if you piss that person off beyond recovery? Are you destined to live without your perfect match for the rest of your life? Will that make you unhappy?

What If I miss my “one” somehow? What if I find them and for some reason I’m not their “one?” Shouldn’t there be more than one person out there for the relationship inept like me? Think about it, there are millions of people in the US alone, wouldn’t the odds be in your favor of having more than one match?

I hope there’s not just one. Knowing my wierdness I’d end up fucking up somehow. I think I’ll go with the more than one philosophy. I couldn’t live knowing I missed out on my one true love. I just couldn’t.

So yea. There’s that. And I wrote a crappy poem a while ago but never posted it like I had planned.

Falling for You

Something nags at the back of my mind.

Tripping over something
That I saw coming
Miles away,
Yet I am caught totally off guard.
Shock, pleasant at that,
At discovering what this obstruction is.

Something nags at the back of my mind.

Something that completes me,
Compliments the half-person that I am now
And makes me whole.

I’m falling.
Gravity takes effect after my moment of bliss,
But seeing the ground come toward me
Faster than I thought
Worries me.

The nagging is a memory, of this scenario played out before.
I fall and land.
I am broken.

I’m falling for you this time.
Will your embrace be there to catch me?
Or will my already scarred knees be torn
Once again?

The nagging memory,
Of lying broken
On the floor
Is made real

Anyway, ya depressing.


One Response to “Random Writings”

  1. carpedick said

    umm….hmmm…damn, I hate when I cover my entire comment in the subject. So, now I’ll just blather for a bit…But yeah, I liked it and no one had commented, what’s up with that? Can’t leave good stuff like that just uncommented, it’s wrong…

    oh and SEE!! this is the junk you have to put up with when you take so long to add me, then I go through your entire journal and comment to stuff you posted years ago and then you have to reread the entry, cuz you have no idea what I’m talking about…moo ha ha

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