I need a snog

August 12, 2004

I feel all classy and shit. I made myself some quiche for breakfast and sat in the breakfast room eating and reading “On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God” book 2 in the hilarious series by Louise Rennison that I’m reading. Ive decided to use more british slang, its fun. But my mom cam in and saw me reading and eating the appetizers (baby quiche lol) in my jimjams (one of those british words, im awesome already!). She just smiled and walked away. At least shes not pissed at me for getting in late last night. Well, either late for yesterday or early for today. But I have a set curfew of midnight now, bugger it all. Certain people shouldn’t be so damn fun to talk to. It was a GAS. *grin*

Got the Postal Service CD. Most relaxing thing I believe I’ve ever listened to in the history of things being listened to. The end. (gotta give Greg credit for that little tag on the end)

I died when i read this. This book has a little glossary the author wrote to help the not so bright American audience understand some of the slang. This one made me almost pee.

“fag – In our liberal land fag can mean cigarette as well as homosexual. Hence lighting a fag is not the cruel practice that you Americans might think.”

Not even the funnest thing in this lady’s books. Quite hilarious.

Aaaanyway. Yep. Done.


4 Responses to “I need a snog”

  1. pavski3 said

    I think you will really like the Postal Service. It is a really good CD! I am listening to it right now…ha. British slang…how nifty! (Go GB)

  2. nickle4urdreams said

    ya its rockin my flip flops so far.

    Whats GB?

  3. anonymous said

    Ditto, I love the postal service too. Just dl’d it like a month ago, totally coldplayish. Another my friend turned me on to is Snow Patrol. I’m startin to like ’em too and they’re playing at Empire soon..=D

  4. sarcasticme said

    who’s fun to talk to?! i feel saddened that AFTER talking with ME last night, you go out and find someone FUN to talk to… damn you! *shakes fist* 😉 i had a good time also.

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