Still needing a snog

August 12, 2004

Fiddly fo fum

Bored. My neice and brother came over after my dad and other brother got back from their trip to South Dakota. They went to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally over there. Something like 600,000 people and it was only the first day.

Still listening to the Postal Service, still godly. But, as my title suggests, ive been in a snogging (kissing) mood. Kinda makes me wish for things that are gone already. Oh well, Ill evenually get another snogging partner (i.e. boyfriend) it’s just a matter of how god damn soon lol. I havent been single for that long but I’m ready to not be again. “Fancy a snog?” *uses the cool new finger quotes thing that everyone should do becasue cool people do it*

I just love the word “snog” wherever the hell the British came up with it. That and jimjams must be added to my vocabulary.

I’m supposed to be making up a list of things I want for my birthday. On the “bright side” I’ll probably be working on hte night of my birthday. Woot. I get to be at one of my least favorite places on my birthday, how breathtaking. I also need to come up with a date and theme for my party. I did Hollywood last year, and that turned out splendidly. Dunno for this year.

Greg comes up on saturday to hang out. That should be super funtabulous.

I need to do something on Sunday too preferrably, after work, being the last day of summer and all. Doubt many people are still free on short notice though. Maybe someone can squeeze me in.


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