August 13, 2004

I don’t especially have anything constructive to post. Just posting because there’s really not much else to do.

Had first night of work in a week and a half. Really hot OGG (obviously gay guy) came in with his parents, i wanted his pants. There was eye flirting, it was fun. But he left early, so poo.

Wanted to hang out with Adam if possible tonight, but he was busy, which is perfectly fine. Just a last minute idea, so nothing big. Talked with his friend Paul online today, gave him a “strip tease” on my webcam LOL. Not really, i changed for work while i was chatting with ppl and he saw my boxers. Im so scandalous.

Hmm nothing else i believe.



2 Responses to “78”

  1. sarcasticme said


  2. carpedick said

    {deadpan}ooh baby baby…it was so hot…wow I nearly…umm…something, can’t think of a good verb….bah…

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