August 14, 2004

So I’m incapable of sneaking. I’ll just paste the convo with Chris here.

Nickle4UrDreams: so thats it then
Nickle4UrDreams: its official
Smashpumpkins83: ?
Nickle4UrDreams: lol im officially unable to sneak
Smashpumpkins83: ahh! what happened?
Nickle4UrDreams: lol im sooo clumsy, i was tiptoeing down the stairs, and that bad enough because my bones pop a lot, i get some cheezits, then coming back up, i trip, saving MOST of my crackers, and hitting my head on the banister
Nickle4UrDreams: my mom ran out and started laughing
Smashpumpkins83: lol
Smashpumpkins83: That’s cute though. She wasn’t mad right?
Nickle4UrDreams: lol no
Nickle4UrDreams: she was laughin too hard to be mad


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