August 22, 2004

Dunno. I’m in a wierd mood. I feel… mellow, yet angry, yet sad. Im listening to “The Rasmus” and feeling blah.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Woke up at like 11 and had to scramble to get ready to go hang out with Adam. We were gonna see a movie but I got there 10 mins late and since his brother was having a party he left after a lil bit. I understand. Was disappointed, but I understand. …

Hung out with Paul after that until like midnight, and randomly ran into a few ppl i was suprised by. One was this guy Alan what i almost dated way back like a year and a half ago. So he and I are talking again, which is pretty cool i suppose. And then Paul and I ran into Syd and Beeber and Syd’s ex (Jeff? dont remember) in the True Love, so we sat and talked until like 11:30 and I had to run Paul home and then go home.

I was online til like 2 am, and then i decided to go watch Moulin Rouge and woke up to the ending credits at like 5 lol . Woot.

Wierd mood still in full swing. Maybe i need to go on another date with myself. That was really fun last time.

Im such a loser.


3 Responses to “Hmm”

  1. anonymous said

    I love you!!! thanks for saying youd do me! that means alot! 🙂

  2. yeastbeast said

    omg jk

  3. radiomatthew said

    Self dates are cathartic.

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