Tra la la.

August 27, 2004

Hola. Its late, but I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow to my knowledge.

Im 17 now. My birthday sucked for a few reasons.

A. Almost everyone I told forgot about it (Malarie, Erin, Nikki, and Kendall rock though)

B. I had a sinus headache most of the day.

C. D left for LA and I didn’t get to say goodbye.

D. I felt like crying most of the day.

E. I had to work that night.

So yeah. Im over it now though.

Yesterday was the first GSA meeting as me being president. It was a small turnout, but that was pretty much expected. We got a pretty cool new guy though, came from another school where he actually founded their first ever GSA as a freshman. Hes hella cute too lol. He’ll be a valuable resource and part of the club, better candidate for Vice/Co-President than most of the other people.

My boyfriend problem (or lack thereof actually) hasn’t even begun to be remedied yet. Theres a few people that I like, but theres reasons for all of them why I don’t think a real and committed relationship would work. So meh. Flirted with a boy in the Library at school, which came as kinda a shock. I didn’t look my best which makes me mad but oh well. I doubt anything will happen with him. I really don’t flirt at ALL anymore, at least not with boys (I flirt with my girls ALL the TIME). I hope I haven’t forgotten how!!

Kendall’s b-day party is tomorrow! I heard that we’re going to Bouncetown at some point which kicks so much ass lol. I’m going into town tomorrow at some point to buy her her present. It has something to do with what she got me, muahahaha.

New Icon. Ive been doing a lot of picture doctoring, if I can’t take a digi-imaging class I’ll damn well learn myself lol.

Ciao Loves.


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