Lots goin’ On

September 1, 2004

Hey all, I’ve been pretty occupied with other stuff, so I haven’t been able to update this as much as I’d like.

So my mom’s coming home from the hospital tomorrow I hope. She went in for a hicterectomy (bye bye interior female reproductive system) on monday and has been recovering. The pain medications she was put on were making her throw up and feel worse so she had to stay an extra night. I really wanted to go down to see her, but between her feeling bad and work, I sadly haven’t had the chance.

I’m getting really excited about my super awesome “Stop the Hate” demonstration at school. I talked to Peer Counseling and got a lot of volunteers, and some great feedback so I could alter parts of it to make it easier to swallow while still having a shock factor, and be more effective. Typing up the thing that I’m going to present to the principals next week, gonna show Mrs. Woodbury and get it approved friday. Woot.

Totally cute guy at school. Sophomore, but hes cute enough and has a great personality to make up for that. I’m pretty sure hes 16, so the age thing isnt an issue. The bad part is that I don’t even know if he’s gay, and due to a GSA rule that he brought up, I can’t ask him (confidentiality kinda thing). Gonna tell his friend Rose that I know that I think hes super cute (my wording will be “the cutest thing on 2 legs that I’ve seen in eons” so im more of my cute self lol) and see what her reaction is. It’ll either be “Oh, thats nice” or “OMG We’re totally setting you two up on a date.” Hopefully choice number 2.

Hes So cute!!

Anyway, back to typing.

Ciao bellas!


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