*sigh* Lovely

September 14, 2004

Lovely. Just lovely.

My day today was lovely. It started out triple merde and a half, as I woke up like 45 minutes late and was super late. But Teena and I suprisingly got to school on time. Well the rest of my day was rather Meh.

But then 6th period ended and “Baub” gave me a note saying that hes flattered that I think hes SUPER cute (which he is) and would def like to get to know me better. I was smiling for a while. A long while. =D

Not much else.



2 Responses to “*sigh* Lovely”

  1. allthestarsfell said

    i’m so glad he responded to the note! yay!

  2. anghelos said

    Yay! Good ole’ “Baub”! Potential sparkage!

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