February 2, 2005

Ok fuck.
This was a hella long entry but noooo my computer hates me.
First entry in a long time.
In short, new style inspired by the wonderful Ms. Kelsey.
One sentence per line.
Drama at school, rumors, stupid people.
Made an anti-Valentine’s day cake.
Sharing it with Peer Counseling.
Going to lose 20 lbs.
I’m muscly under my slight pudge.
Once I lose that, board shorts, no shirt, flip flops, and musclyness.
Oh yes.
Reading up on 20th century fashion trends and becoming knowledgeable.
School = Good.
Still being single = Bad.
Not having a car for 2.5 months = WORSE.
Though I should have my car back by next week.
Ok I spent too long on the first entry.
Time to go to sleep.


One Response to “102”

  1. allthestarsfell said

    luke, we should really go get coffee one of these days or something.

    you inspire me.

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