*dancing around*

February 11, 2005

So yea tonight was really fun lol.
I was gonna go hang out with Nicki and Ashley and Hannah and Brandon and do whatever tehy were going to do but then i decided to see if Mel wanted to go see Tree.

Tree = My super awesome date to Sadies who I previously hadn’t hung out with.

We went to the Galleria for like 15 minutes as it was closing.
Ate dinner at Mimi’s.
Tried to go bowling and failed.
Then we got lost on the way home so Mel and I were freaking out.

Gas station attendants should speak clear english.
And know where theyre going.

We made it home safely though.

Tree is super cool.
Really cute.
Was shy but assures me that he’ll open up.
A first real date is forthcoming (i hope =P)
REALLY cute.
Lovin his car and his taste in music so far.
Wondering if he likes the Postal Service.
The Postal Service = SO GUSHIN
Probably my favorite band at the moment.
Random tangent.
He likes my randomness which is a good thing.
And hes ticklish which is also a good thing.
Of Course

Ok Bed time.
I is sleepy.
Time for sleepy ni-ni


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