Yay for me and random tests!

February 13, 2005

Your Name- Luke A. Miller
Nicknames- Lukie Pookie, Lucas, Pookie, Pook, Lover, Lugen Logs… a lot more but not off the top of my head
Birthday- August 25th, 1987

~*HAVE YOU??*~
Been kissed? Yup
Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Not at one time, ew
Been on stage? Yep, lots of times each year for band
Gotten in a car accident? Ugh yeah
Death Valley on horseback? Um horses AND death valley. no.
Stayed home? Wtf thats a dumb question
Made homemade fudge? Yep!
Seen the Eiffel tower? In pictures

Shampoo: Garnier Fructis
Soap: Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin body wash
Color: Black, White, Gray, Silver, Blue, and Pink
Day / Night: Night
Band: At the moment The Postal Service
Season: Autumn (not “Fall” dammit, its autumn)
Commercial: The one for Overactive Bladder (Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!) or the one for the sex line that goes “PICK UP THE PHONE!”

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No…
Do you have a crush on someone: Yes… =)
Do you have a best friend? At the moment I don’t think so. Mel is the closest to being my best friend
Do you rank your speed dial in order of favorite friends? No one is on my speed dial
Who’s your funniest friend? Oh god, theres so many tied for that one. Laura makes me laugh most but theyre all funny
Who do you go to the mall with the most? Mel, totally
Who do you e-mail the most? No one
Who have you known the longest of your friends? Teena
Who’s the loudest? Again so many ppl tie for that
Who’s the shyest? Not sure
Whose parents do you know the best? Teena’s
Who do you go to for advice? No one generally. I talk to Teena about my problems most but i follow my own guidance a lot.
Who knows all your secrets? No one knows ALL of them
Who do you get the most surveys from? All over
Who are you jealous of? A certain someone for being so damn cute
Who do you cry with? No one, i dont tend to cry
What is your usual quote? “We cannot achieve harmony when everyone sings the same note” (my senior quote)

Cried? Nope
Eaten fluf? WTF IS FLUF?
Helped someone? Yep
Bought something? no, actually
Dissected something? ew
Cut your hair? nope
Worn a skirt? HAHAHAHA no
Worn a tie? still have it on
Been mean? no, not MEAN per se
Been sarcastic? Its me, of course i have
Gone for a run? Nope
Gone for a walk? Nope
Gone to the movies? No
Gone out for dinner? Well not in the last 24 hours
Been kissed? No dammit
Felt stupid? Again its me, of course
Said “I love you”? In a friendly way yes
Written a letter? Nope
Written a paper? nope
Taken a test? nope
Met someone new? Yea some really nice members at the club tonight
Moved on? Not sure…?
Written in a journal? I am now
Watched your favorite movie? No, i need to watch it for a 15th time soon
Talked to someone you have a crush on? Hehe… yea…
Given someone a present? Nope
Missed someone? Kinda, in an indirect way
Hugged someone? Yep
Had a nightmare? Dont have nightmares too often
Fought with your parents? Kinda
Fought with a friend? Nope
Been Scared? Yea lol

Showered? About 7 hours ago
Ate a meal? this morning
What are you wearing right now? Black slacks, black socks that come up to my knees, a white undershirt, my fossil watch, and my puka shells, and my 2[x]ist undies =D
Are you tired? Yea
Are you lonely? Hmm no not really
Are you happy? Yep. I keep smiling. a lot. lol
Are you wearing pajamas? Nope (theres the answer like 4 questions back…)
Are you hungry? Nope
Are you eating? Nope
Are you talking to someone online? Hooray Danny
Are you ready for this survey to end? I guess?
How long did this survey take you? about 10 mins
*Do you want all your friends to do this and send back? If they want to…?



Type of sandwich: Peanut Butter and honey
Coffee or hot chocolate? Coffee
Cold or hot? weather? Cold (good for snuggling)
Big or little? Lol so many inuendos… size really doesnt matter to me. (not kidding)
Lace or satin? satin
Red or blue? blue
New or old? new
Here or there? Actually happy in the here

Ok well thats done.
Pretty good day today actually.
Got a lot of work done on my car.
HOPEFULLY it should be pretty much done tomorrow.
Needs to be cleaned like a mofo.

Work tonight was okay, not too bad.
Valentines dance for the members.
Lots of really good songs.
My head is kinda in the clouds at the moment so they were meaningful.
It’s a good feeling.
Mel made a cash tip tonight.
Damn her and her insufferable vagina.

Hopefully going to Sac with Danny on monday.
Day of Suffering and Sadness.
Though its not as bad as i thought it would be.
My mind is off not having someone.
I have better things to think about at the moment. =)

Luther Vandross is a genius.

My parents are getting suspicious.
I smile randomly.
I smile a lot usually, I can’t help it.
But i guess theres something in these smiles that makes them wonder.
Oh well.
Let them wonder. =D

Mama Mia has been burned.
A day must be set.
Better sooner than later! *big smile*


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