Total Random Overload

February 14, 2005

“I’m gonna
Have all your children,
If you’ll get me a coffee and a piece of pie.”

Majorly random lyric.
Saw that and chuckled.
Im having a random conversation about semen.
But not altogether suprising.

Today was tiring.
Found out that I won’t in fact have a car for tomorrow.
Worked for a grand total of like 3 hours.
Ate at Dennys.
Exciting, no?

I’ve never taken someone out on a moderately priced date before.
I’m excited.
Dunno exactly what to do though.
Confusion and shyness kinda suck balls.
Sadly I have enough of both to make me shy and nervous.
Not to mention absolutely no reason to think im worth any trouble.
But oh well.
Ob la di, Ob la da, as they say.

I’m really not sure why I write in this.
I don’t think anyone reads it.
Not a big deal, but I have my Peer Counseling journal to think of as well.

My computer is stupid and just disconnected from the internet.
I can’t post this until it comes back up, which could be a while.
This may be a long post.

Anything i need to talk about…?
I’m not used to this whole “People having interest in me” thing.
When i actually find someone that I like and would like to focus on, apparently I become hot shit.
Even though Im just cold diarrhhea (sp).

The whole thing that I’ve been through with previous people I’ve liked since i became single…
Makes me all suspicious.
“Do they really like me?”
“Am I being used?”
I assume the answer to both are the better ones, but the crap part is theyre there.

I’m completely just rambling, feel free to leave if you need to use the bathroom.

Anyway, I can’t help but feel somethings gonna come along and fuck anything that may happen up.
I mean, thats what tends to happen.
Apparently thus far feelings are mutual, but Ive learned not to assume too much.
If i assume im right, it makes an “Ass” out of “u” and “me” (ha ha)

Anyway the internet is back up so I’ll end the torture now.


P.S. It’s Valentines Day.
Woo fuckin hoo.

Though I did send out one (anti-)Valentine.
Wont be recieved until tonight though.
Hail to the lord of lameness (me)


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